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This giant gator destroying a metal fence might keep you from ever playing golf in Florida again

March 15, 2023

For years, we've shared terrifying videos of gators on golf courses. Big gators. Huge gators. GIANT GATORS. You get the point. GATORS! But up until this point, we've focused on sightings of these large reptiles when they're already on the golf course. These clips are nightmare fuel in their own right, but this week we discovered a completely new horror of the genre: gators entering golf courses.

And not by just slithering through the front gate, but rather by bashing its way through the front gate. We wish we were kidding.

A shocking video of one of these (big) bad boys destorying a metal fence guarding the perimeter of Coral Creek Golf Course has gone viral. And for good—albeit shocking—reason. Check it out as this beast just bends the bars like they're made out of Twizzlers:

Good lord. What a monster.

And how about that brave dude helping the gator get through? What a nut. According to Jam Press, a course employee said it was a new fence that was installed "to keep tresspassers out and keep the safety of people walking."

Yeah, you might want to go back to the drawing board with that. And in the meantime, this could be enough to keep us from ever playing golf in Florida again.