Absolute unit of a gator spotted on Florida golf course sparks viral reaction

February 17, 2023

The only creature on God’s beautiful green earth that enjoys spending quality time down at the country club more than golfers are gators. For as long as there have been golf courses, there have been gators frequenting them, but very few, in our many years of cataloging prehistoric reptile encounters, have been as massive as this absolute unit spotted in Sebring, Florida recently. Ladies and gentlemen, we are no longer at the top of the food chain.

We are in awe at the size of that lad (or lady, not sure which and we sure as hell aren’t getting close to find out). Whether it’s the biggest we’ve ever seen is up for debate. Many locals in the comments agree that if it’s not, it’s close. Other contenders in the category include the Beast of Buffalo Creek

… and, of course, Jevon Kearse.


Andy Lyons

So there you have it. Another day, another veriatble dinosaur on a Florida golf course … relax gramps, we’re not talking about you.