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The Range Goats just dropped and Golf Twitter had all the jokes

February 07, 2023

Buckle up, folks. We have BREAKING NEWS out of LIV Golf. No, they didn’t win one of their five billion pending lawsuits. No, Greg Norman was not fired. No, they haven’t poached some hot new star. None of that. Instead, the Niblicks officially announced their rebrand as The Range Goats on Tuesday morning with a little help from their new captain, the fuschia fanatic himself, Bubba Watson. Golf will never be the same.

Along with the new name and logo, The Range Goats also beta tested a couple of new slogans, including “Wins don’t just happen on the course,” “Let’s go goats,” and our personal favorite, “It’s time to graze!”

As you’ve probably already guessed, Golf Twitter, fresh off their victory in the Battle of Swilcan Bridge, immediately chimed in with some knee-slappers.

That last one is a fun little riff on Watson’s comments last week likening the 4 Aces to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. As you can see, there was no shortage of yucks to go around, but by the incredibly low bar set by LIV Golf’s team branding, the introduction of The Range Goats can be considered a success. The Goats weren't universally mocked like the Fireballs or Majesticks. Some people kind of liked the logo. The old heads didn’t get it, which, if you’re a rebel golf league trying to appeal to Gen Z, is probably a good sign. Overall, it could have gone a lot worse, and if there’s one sentence to sum up LIV Golf as a whole so far, it’s probably that.

UPDATE: Bubba Watson has confirmed that the "GOAT" in "RANGE GOATS" is not an acronym for "greatest of all time" as originally believed, but instead "golfers on a tee." More on this story as it develops.