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Plane forced to make emergency landing on golf course, golfers push it off green so they can finish the hole

A group of Florida golfers had to deal with an unexpected hazard in February 2023 in the form of an airplane on the golf course. But they didn't let it ruin their round—and even wound up getting in an extra workout.

The wild scene happened at Del Tura Golf & Country Club in North Fort Myers, where a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the ninth green. Fortunately, no one was hurt, including the pilot who was the lone person on the aircraft.

Here's an announcement—and photos—from the Lee County Sheriff's official Twitter feed:

And he's not kidding about the no mulligan thing. The Fire Pit Collective's Ryan French obtained a message—and another photo—from a witness on the scene, who confirmed the golfers were able to push the plane off the putting surface so play could continue. Amazing.

That's dedication to the game right there. And who says golf isn't a team sport?

Anyway, we're glad no one was hurt. And that no one's round was spoiled.