Must Be Nice

Man makes absurdly long putt in absurdly large private jet, celebrates appropriately

February 01, 2023

Videos of golfers flying around on private jets are nothing new. Neither are videos of golfers making putts on private jets (Thank you, Bubba Watson). But we've never seen a video of a golfer flying around on a private jet while making a putt quite like this.

Have a look as some dude drains a long putt—and we mean long—that goes through the entire cabin before banking off a bin of tasty snacks and snaking its way into a paper cup. And not surprisingly, those on board went nuts.

Pretty impressive. And must be nice. Talk about someone winning at life. Is there anything better than cruising around in a sweet private jet with your buddies (not that we'd know), probably to some amazing golf destination, while working on your golf game? And that looks like one heckuva a snack bin!

Seriously, though, that private jet is ridiculous. I mean, it's not quite the LIV Golf private plane, but wow. Have a day, guys. Have a freaking day.