This pre-dinner prayer from a tour pro's daughter goes from adorable to too-much-information in a BLINK

Kids say the darndest things, as the famous TV show proved time and time again. One tour pro's daughter took that phrase to a different level during a pre-dinner prayer on Wednesday night.

Andrew Putnam, in the field this week at The American Express, captured the video of his daughter Pepper's grace at the dinner table in the home they are staying in this week. It starts off in the most adorable way imaginable, with Pepper asking God to "help daddy golf tomorrow," and to "help me sleep better and help my boo boo feel better." Don't worry, Pepper, time heals all wounds. And daddy might not need any extra help on the golf course, having just finished T-4 in the Sony Open. Doesn't hurt to ask, though.

It's after that, however, that Pepper's grace takes a SHARP left turn into too-much-information territory:

To steal a line from Drake, that went from 0 to 100, real quick. 

Poor Pepper sounds like she has a few health-related issues right now. Here's hoping she pulls through all of them quickly, and here's hoping Putnam and his wife keep capturing these pre-dinner prayers. Who knows what Pepper might say next.