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Kid gets loose at Wichita Topgolf, starts wild goose chase for the ages

February 06, 2023

Tell us you’ve never thought about sprinting down a driving range, and we’ll show you a liar.

At a Wichita Topgolf, a kid let his mischievous thoughts win and tried the run that we’ve all dreamed of. In the hilarious video, he’s pursued by a woman (presumably his mother) who must be seconds away from a heart attack, hoping that no one smokes one three hundo.

There are a lot of critical factors here from the child’s brilliant in-and-out maneuvering—take some notes, Rickon—to the perfect “Free Bird” musical overlay. There’s no better song to spread your wings to and the guitar solo truly strikes at the perfect time.

Although ultimately caught, you know this will be a family story for the rest of time. Maybe one day, this little cherub's grandchildren will finally reach the net ...