Put it on Andy's Tab

“Have a cheeseburger on us!”: Andy Reid's new Super Bowl catchphrase is a modern classic

Remember the days of athletes bellowing “I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!” after a world championship? Remember “ANYTHING IS PAWSAWBLE!” and “CLEVELAND THIS IS FOR YOU!”? Well those are dead, gone, buried. Yesterday's news. On Sunday night, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid done changed the game with a triumphant new catchphrase that will echo across sports for years to come:


Classic Andy, a man who once compared his grandchildren to Chinese food, the Super Bowl to chocolate cake, and is actually looking forward to playing a game in Germany next season because of the bratwurst. But of all life’s edible spoils, one has always stood alone for Coach Reid, glimmering like the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday. Yep, you guessed it. It’s cheeseburgers.

Expect this to be printed on everything from tee shirts, to bumper stickers, to the lower backs of local Missouri women in time for the Chiefs Super Bowl parade on Wednesday. Expect banners—and Big Macs—to be flying. Needless to say, it’s a bad day to be a cow in Kansas City.


Gregory Shamus

The other notable soundbite in this clip is Bradshaw, no twig himself these days, calling Reid “big guy” and telling him to “waddle over here.” That’s a pretty dick move move from the longtime Fox analyst, but it’s good to see it didn’t have Reid thinking about salads on Super Bowl Sunday. Big, little, short, tall. Just put it on Andy's tab.