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Of course Andy Reid compared having nine grandchildren to eating Chinese food

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If there's anything Andy Reid loves more than embarrassing opposing defenses, it's eating food. This is not a fat joke, it's a simple fact. When he's not diagramming the latest and greatest misdirection play, he's thinking about where he's getting his next meal. This is a man who once ate a 40-ounce steak in 19 minutes. A man whose first thought after losing a crushing AFC Championship game to the Patriots a year ago was "man, I need a cheeseburger." A man who once ordered not one, not two, but THREE steaks while out to eat with Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. A man who ... you get the point.

Not surprisingly, just three days before he coaches in one of the biggest games of his life, Reid had grub on his brain, just like he always does. During a press conference, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach was asked about what it's like to have nine grandchildren. Somehow, Reid compared it to a delicious Chinese food menu item, producing perhaps the most legendary quote in Super Bowl history:

This quote makes no sense and so much sense at the same time. Grandchildren, sweet and sour pork, they are one in the same.

Reid's poetry has prompted some to list their favorite Chinese food menu items. The only list that matters is the one below:

By the way, am I the only one that immediately thought of Eddie Lacy after reading Reid's quote?


Mmmm, China food.