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Not surprisingly, Andy Reid knows the best medicine for dealing with a painful loss (it's food, obviously)

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears

Jonathan Daniel

Andy Reid likes to eat. This is no secret. Google the phrase "Andy Reid food" and a slew of stories about his love of grub will pop up. Like the time he ordered three steaks while out to dinner with Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. Or the time an NFL analytics guru ran into Reid in an airport and Reid told the guy all about his famous mac and cheese recipe. I picture Andy Reid sitting in restaurants as if he were Chris Farley in that "Tommy Boy" scene. "Andy hungry, Andy want wingy."

This explains why, after arguably the most gut-wrenching loss of his coaching career, all that was on Reid's mind was a way to pack more pounds on that gut. On Tuesday at the NFL's annual meeting, Reid's former offensive coordinator and now Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy revealed the conversation the two had after the Chiefs' loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, which came just weeks after Nagy and the Bears' defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. Nagy told reporters that Reid sounded quite down when they first started talking, understandable given the crushing nature of that home loss. But about 15 minutes in, Reid knew what he needed to help him cheer up:

Few things can be as comforting in a time of need as a good cheeseburger, and it's not surprising that Andy Reid knows that all too well. It's also not surprising that a cheeseburger was the first food item that came to his mind, as he once told the media that it's "hard to beat a good cheeseburger." Amen, coach. As someone who would always rather have an extra helping of real food over dessert, I fully support Reid's method of healing over Sean Payton's chick-flick method that includes ice cream and Netflix. Soft move, Sean!

Nagy also told reporters that Reid has his own bitmoji, which is Reid in a Hawaiian shirt eating pancakes. No, we're not making this up. Here's the exchange courtesy of this great piece in the Chicago Sun Times:

“No one knows it — I probably just told you — but [Reid’s] big on bitmojis, and he builds himself in a Tommy Bahama [shirt]. So he has a Tommy Bahama, and then he’ll send me a picture of like eating a bunch of cheeseburgers or something. Then I have mine. And I send him back mine. We have fun with it.”

Nagy then showed the media a recent bitmoji from Reid.

“You see coach with the pancakes,” Nagy said. “See, I’m not lying. That’s it right there.”

Andy Reid: national treasure.