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Sean Payton handled the NFC Championship loss the same way every person handles a bad breakup in the movies

Sean Payton

Chris Graythen

I think we can all objectively agree that the blown call in the NFC Championship was at the very least a top-five worst call in NFL history. If you want to say it's the worst ever, there's probably a hint of recency bias there, but we'll allow it. Sean Payton, the Saints organization and the Saints fanbase have every right to be angry about it for the rest of time, even though they still had plenty of chances to win the game. People aren't talking NEARLY enough about Drew Brees throwing an easy slant to Michael Thomas directly into the turf on that 1st & 10 play. If he hits him on the numbers that play might go for a damn TD. I'm not bitter about my Saints bet. Nope, not one bit.

With all of that being said, the Saints are milking every damn inch out of this pity party. You got the players still crying on twitter over it:

You got Saints fans crying via billboards:

You had a freaking Senator from Louisiana weeping over it:

The city is dragging this thing out like some messy breakup. Speaking of messy breakups, Payton was asked on Wednesday of Super Bowl week—the Super Bowl week the Saints aren't a part of and should not be grabbing any headlines during—how he's handling the loss, and he revealed that he's handling it like every messy breakup that's ever occurred in a feature-length film:

Live look at Sean Payton watching the Ted Bundy tapes:

Hey Sean... get OVER it. It's time to move on. This is reaching "Dez caught it" levels of insufferability, and there is nothing more insufferable than a salty Cowboys fan. But New Orleans is getting close.