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This might be Andy Reid’s best quote about a cheeseburger yet, and that’s saying something

September 02, 2020

This may come as shock to you, but Andy Reid loves cheeseburgers almost as much as offensive schemes that put up trillions of points and zillions of yards but ultimately fall short of greatness. But all that changed last year (the falling short of greatness part, not the cheeseburgers), when Reid led a Kansas City Chiefs team that hadn’t won a Super Bowl in half a century on a march to football destiny. After the Big Game™, Reid had this to say about his beloved beefy, cheesy sandwich.

Heck yes, Andy. If you thought that cheeseburger quote couldn’t be topped, however, think again. On Tuesday, nearly seven months after the Chiefs lifted the Lombardi, the team gathered at Arrowhead to claim their coveted rings. When asked what Reid will do with his beloved piece of bling, here’s what he had to say.

Soooo birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and, of course, lunch on Friday. Sounds like Andy is pretty much going to sleep in this thing, and we can’t blame him. He’s waited a longgggg time for this . . . and no, we’re not talking about the Super Bowl. We’re talking about the free cheeseburgers. Come on, try to keep up.