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Andy Reid celebrates Super Bowl LIV with "trophy wife" and cheeseburger, is an absolute king

February 03, 2020
Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Kevin C. Cox

The great state of Kansas Missouri may have waited half a century for what happened on Sunday night, but it feels like no one suffered for it longer than Andy Reid. As the clock wound down on the Kansas City Chiefs' come-from-behind victory in Super Bowl LIV, Reid was doused in a vat of sticky orange Gatorade by his team. When Fox scrambled out to midfield looking for their big postgame interview, they didn't go looking for the eventual MVP, they went for Reid. When reporters asked how he planned to celebrate, he had his punchline already rehearsed. "With the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen," he said.

Forget the Gipper. This one was for Andy.

By morning, the saturated fats and Clydesdale-led wagon worth of Budweiser had done little to dull Reid's spirits either. At his morning press conference, the surefire Hall of Famer was asked if he spent the evening with the Lombardi Trophy, and just like the night before, he had the perfect answer already locked and loaded.

How can you not love this guy? He's eating up every second of this, literally and figuratively. Your coach sits on the ball before halftime. Andy Reid calls this.

Nevermind that stupid Google commercial that made you cry just long enough for them to steal your personal data—this is an actual good thing happening to an actual good person. If you remember one thing from thing from Super Bowl LIV, make it this (also Shakira, definitely Shakira):

Yesterday Andy Reid was a serial loser. Today he's a king.