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WHAT IT DOES: This family, with four versions and a loft range that stretches to the 8-hybrid, is all about chasing speed and distance. Callaway says the new Rogue ST goes an extra 3.5 yards compared to the company’s Mavrik. It accomplishes these feats thanks to an enhanced “jailbreak” technology, a construction that uses heel and toe braces within the head and directly behind the face. Those braces join the crown and sole to concentrate more flexing across a wider portion of the face. There’s also room now for 18 grams of tungsten to be placed in the toe to improve overall stability on off-center hits.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Whether it’s underwhelming Dwayne Johnson action movies on Netflix or the menu at The Cheesecake Factory, too many choices is a very modern problem for consumers. More options are better with this line, the largest of any company in the business. The Pro has a fairway-wood shape and a shallow face to allow for more workability; the Max has slightly stronger lofts but more forgiveness for those who need a bit more distance, and the Max OS and Max OS Lite provide the most benefits for golfers with moderate swing speeds in terms of launch and distance.


ST MAX: Designed for the needs of the majority of golfers, it offers the most balanced combination of forgiveness, launch and distance of the Rogue ST hybrids, and Callaway calls it the longest of its hybrids. It has a more squared toe look and a flatter sole camber with a more standard front-to-back measurement for an overall more iron-like shape. It has the strongest lofts in the line.

ST MAX OS: It takes on similar shaping to the ST Max, but in an oversized look that offers the broadest range of lofts, stretching from a 19-degree 3-hybrid to a 33-degree 8-hybrid. The wider sole provides forgiveness going through the turf for swings that hit the ground before the ball, and the built-in draw bias helps those who struggle with the slice.

ST MAX OS LITE: The same platform as the standard OS, its components are lighter and its lofts are weaker to give moderate swing speeds, particularly seniors and women, more control. The loft range stretches from a 21-degree 3-hybrid to a 36-degree 8-hybrid. Those light components include a 50-gram, 15 grams lighter than the standard OS. The swingweight is C4, compared to the standard OS at D1.

ST PRO: Shaped more like a downsized fairway wood, the CG on these hybrids is neutral to increase workability. The face height is shallower compared to the other models, and there's more heel and toe relief on the cambered sole. It's got a flatter lie angle, heavier swing weight and a stouter, heavier shaft to appeal to better players. It also has only three loft options (18, 20, 23 degrees).

Price: $270
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Player Comments

"The deeper face gives the visual of more face...I think that's a help for people who struggle with hybrids, because that often comes from worrying you're going to miss it because of the smaller head."


"Straight ball flight. Never have any trouble getting it into the air. Super stable and incredibly easy to hit. I don’t get any dragging through the turf."


"Very quiet and clean. Beautiful sound at impact. Wasnt so much a thud but a pop. This is the way a hybrid should perform. Boring at first and then it rises, drops softly at the target."

Club Specs


18, 20, 23, 26 (Max); 19, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 (Max OS); 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36 (Max OS Lite); 18, 20, 23 (Pro)

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From the Manufacturer

Callaway continues to push the boundary of hybrid performance with the all-new Rogue ST. Industry-leading innovations like an all-new Jailbreak ST, high strength A.I.-designed Face Cup and precision tungsten weighting are engineered for speed and forgiveness.

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