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Apex/Apex Pro

Hot List Gold 2022

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: Good golfers and less-skilled golfers play very different games when it comes to hybrids. Less-skilled players need hybrid shots to fly high and stay left, and good players need shots to fly low and, well, not go left. Hence, these two versions of Apex are as different as a bogey is from a birdie. However, whether you’re a tour pro or you only watch them on TV, these two siblings share all the technology that helps propel strikes farther. The forged 455 steel cupface is designed with variable thicknesses that came by way of artificial intelligence and internal “jailbreak” bars that join the crown and sole to provide better all-around flexing on the face for extra oomph on those impacts that aren’t flushed.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Like Long Island Expressway, the previous Apex hybrid was something of an oxymoron: a hard-to-hit hybrid. Callaway heard from average players and responded with its latest Apex to serve golfers across the handicap spectrum. The Pro’s smaller profile targets better players with low launch and more spin. The larger Apex has an adjustable hosel to tweak launch angle and uses tungsten in the back to enhance forgiveness.


Apex: The larger Apex has an adjustable hosel to tweak launch angle. Its larger size offers more forgiveness on off-center impacts. Its stock shaft is the 70-gram UST Mamiya Recoil DART.

Apex Pro: The Pro’s smaller profile targets better players with low launch and more spin. The glued-in hosel caters to the flatter lie angles (compared to the more upright lie angles on the standard Apex) that better players prefer. It also gives better players more of the iron-like look that provides an easier transition in their set. Its stock shaft is the slightly heavier 80-gram Mitsubishi MMT. Read more >>

Price: $270
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Player Comments

"The Pro is my favorite. Just evokes confidence because it’s so nice and square to the target. It gives you a feeling of control with that compact head."


"After the adjustments, I couldn't help but hit high, straight shots that blew right through the wind and landed softly. Gliding throught the turf like butter."


"I liked the compact feel through impact. It had a good medium, penetrating, rising trajectory. It did not want to get stuck in the turf. Consistently sturdy with no twisting."

Club Specs


19, 21, 24, 27 (Apex, adjustable); 18, 20,23, 26 (Apex Pro)

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