Surviving the Hot List

What does it take to be a Hot List tester? We sent a documentary crew to the 2022 Hot List testing summit to capture the people, the drama and the secret sauce that goes into golf’s ultimate assignment.


Perhaps more than any other category in the bag, the hybrid’s sole purpose is to make your life easier. Like a nanny, or the President’s body man. We all know a hybrid’s original attribute is to replace those irksome long irons that you haven’t been able to elevate since that phenom by the name of Woods went by Tiger instead of Charlie. But did you know that you might also need them to replace your mid-irons, too, especially with some 7-irons now sporting lofts under 30 degrees? And some swear by them on chip shots. Even better players are seeing some value in the newest hybrids with their lower lofts and flatter lie angles as a driving club. The latest hybrids are a diverse bunch with some featuring more of an iron-like look while others opting for the shallow face, deeper body and sole camber of a fairway wood. Either way, though, we’re seeing thinner, hotter faces with variable thickness to boost performance even on off-center hits. Sole designs are showing more thought, providing smoother turf interaction and contributing to better face-flexing on those low impacts, too. They solve a lot of the problems your game can throw at you, so many in fact that you ought to think about expanding their role in your game. Because golf is hard. Hybrids? They’re easy.