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Hot List Gold 2022

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WHAT IT DOES: Fairway woods aren’t like drivers. You can’t just make them larger to create a more forgiving head. The larger they are, the harder they can be to hit off the ground, which is, after all, where fairway woods are hit the most. But this design upgrade actually keeps the heads more compact than current models and still maintains the same high stability on mis-hits. The key differences are a carbon-composite crown that now wraps around the toe to save more weight to redistribute elsewhere and a flatter sole shape to keep the center of gravity low. The cut-through slot in the sole, the company’s most aggressive design, creates more flexibility in the face, especially on low-face impacts.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When they hear the word “compact” and “fairway wood,” many average golfers—for whom this club is designed for (see the 9-wood loft)—think “unhittable.” But these actually feature a lower CG and more mis-hit protection than some of TaylorMade’s recent larger models. Making the club even easier to hit is a sleeker V-shaped sole pattern, a softer leading edge and a nifty laser-etched topline that makes the face angle at address more apparent. Read more >>

Price: $330
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Player Comments

"I didn't have a quarrel with this one. Maybe a little higher-spinning and higher-launching than the plus. The trim line on the top of the face is a nice feature, and it lets you frame the ball and see the loft."


"People will not hear you coming for their money with this club, even when you're bombing tee shots down the fairway. Very sleek design and appearance—it's a very attractive club. Ball dispersion could be covered with a blanket. Launches with ease, even off the turf."


"Great proportions from heel to toe and front to back. The tech is there without yelling at you. A sledgehammer at impact, adding launch and speed without effort."

Club Specs


15, 16.5, 18, 21, 24

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From the Manufacturer

Built from carbon DNA, the Stealth Plus fairway delivers precision playability and fast ball speeds using advanced multi-material construction. With a refined 175cc profile and reengineered V Steel™ sole, this fairway delivers the ideal blend of playability, shot making and distance. The Stealth fairway creates high MOI performance and precision playability using advanced multi-material construction with the all-new 3D carbon crown. With a larger profile compared to Stealth Plus (190cc vs. 175cc) and a refined V Steel sole, this fairway is the ultimate mash up of distance and forgiveness.

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