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WHAT IT DOES: All three models use a tungsten weight slug low and forward in the sole to reduce spin and increase ball speed for more distance. The carbon-composite crown reduces weight on top so that more mass is free to create three performance characteristics. The standard LTDx offers forgiveness with an extra weight chip in the rear, the Max includes more mass in the heel to fight any slice tendencies and the LS is the lowest-spinning option with front heel- and toe-weight ports to tweak fade or draw preferences.

WHY WE LIKE IT: That each design produces less spin without sacrificing off-center-hit forgiveness is no small feat. But the special thing about Cobra’s fairway woods for decades has been the sole rails. They are hollow to help improve the way the face flexes, and they have been removed on the 3-wood, which generally requires a more sweeping stroke in which the rails aren’t as effective. Also clever: The LS model, which is for better players, features a large 3-wood (best as a backup driver), and the 5-wood, which is mostly hit off the fairway, is the most compact head across the entire line, just what the better players targeted by the LS prefer.


LTDx: Built to emphasize straight distance, these fairway woods yield high-launch/low spin launch conditions. Key is the eight-gram fixed back weight, which also promotes a higher ball flight.

LTDx MAX: There are two external weights in the heel and rear center. Using the heavy 12-gram weight in the heel port helps control your slice, while using the rear center port yields a more neutral flight with better off-center hit distance consistency.

LTDx LS: Designed for highly skilled players who like to be able to work the ball, the two lofts here benefit from a new variable-thickness face design, yet both are distinctly different in size. The 3-wood is larger for shots off the tee, while the 5-wood is more compact and more effective off a variety of lies. The two weights in the heel and toe on the sole are 12 grams and three grams. Placing the heavier weight in the heel promotes a draw-biased flight and in the toe promotes a fade-biased flight.

Price: $300
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Player Comments

"Could hit any trajectory I wanted, super hot off the face without losing control. The sound/feel combo was a nice, pleasant sound with instant feedback."


"I felt like Bryson hitting this thing off the tee. Power and distance is delivered with a loud pop at impact. Easy to hit off the turf, too. Double rail on the bottom helps the club through the turf with ease."


"It feels compact through the swing, like every molecule of the club is going into the ball—a real thumper at impact."

Club Specs


15, 18.5, 22.5 (LTDx); 15.5, 18.5, 22.5 (Max); 14.5, 18.5 (LS); adjustable

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From the Manufacturer

The LTDx fairways have all the key elements that deliver the best performance possible in a fairway wood – A PWR-COR weight system moves the CG low and forward for faster ball speed, higher launch, and reduced spin. A faster H.O.T face design optimizes thickness in 15 zones to maximize speed away across the face for more reliable distance on off-center hits. Three models are offered to fit a wide range of player types and utilize strategic shapes, and weighting configurations to produce varying levels of spin, trajectory height, and draw vs. fade bias.

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