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G425 MAX/G425 SFT/G425 LST

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WHAT IT DOES: Ping’s design philosophy since its founding six decades ago has been all about managing mis-hits, and this large, perimeter-weighted driver maintains some of the highest stability on off-center hits in the industry. However, drivers that pursue large dimensions and maximum stability fight a center of gravity that drifts higher as it moves toward the back. That can cause shots to spin too much and lose distance. The G425 models use ultra-thin, web-like ribs on the underside of the crown to reduce thickness (barely three bills thick) to save weight that keeps the CG low.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Besides their size, these models offer the most adjustable weight in company history. The 26 grams in the extreme perimeter on the Max (63 percent more than the previous model) is twice the movable weight than most other drivers have. The three models offer functional and intuitive solutions for specific problems: inconsistency (the ultra-stable Max), the slice (the lighter, heel-weighted SFT) and excessive spin (the compact, flatter trajectory LST). Each offers overall forgiveness.


G425 MAX: Ultra-thin, web-like ribs on the underside of the crown aim to offset inconsistent impact by reducing thickness, which saves weight and keeps the CG low. There's an eight-way adjustable hosel that tweaks loft by plus/minus 1.5 degrees.

G425 SFT: There's extra weight slightly on the heel side (23 grams) to help square up the face and launch it higher. The weight on this model is fixed, but the club does include the same eight-way adjustable hosel. It features a lighter D1 swingweight to provide additional help controlling the face.

G425 LST: The more compact of the three models (445 cc) features more weight forward for lower spin, approximately 500-700 rpm less than the Max, according to the company. It's ideal for players who hit down on the ball with a lot of speed. Generally will produce a lower-launching, flatter trajectory. It features the same eight-way adjustable hosel, and the adjustable perimeter weight is 17 grams.Read more >>

Price: $550
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Player Comments

"Comfortable. The balance lets you make the same swing over and over, and you know that if you miss a little, it's still going to go."


"The fins frame the ball, making it easy to set up. Effortless power. You didn’t have to put anything extra into it. Set, swing and go get it, because you’ll be in the fairway, a long way."


"I like the all-black look, and the turbulators blend in a little more. A deeper kind of thud, very meaty at impact, but with a lot of distance."

Club Specs


9, 10.5, 12 (Max); 10.5 (SFT); 9, 10.5 (LST); Adjustable

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Ping G425

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