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WHAT IT DOES: Cobra’s LTDx line features three models for three ball-flight preferences. The LTDx has an oversize shape to maximize forgiveness. The LTDx Max is large, too, but includes adjustable weights for extra draw bias. The LTDx LS positions all of its discretionary weight forward to produce the least amount of spin of the three. Large, ultra-forgiving drivers often have an issue with an elevated center of gravity; if the CG is too high, distance-sapping high spin is more likely. However, Cobra engineers use an internal cartridge with a heavy steel weight toward the front to lower the CG. The result is the low spin you want with the forgiveness you need.

WHY WE LIKE IT: These Sherman-tank stable clubheads achieve the low-spin and high-launch thing as well as any on the market. Another compelling technological accomplishment is a new variable-thickness face design that smartly finds extra heat for those off-center hits while maintaining all the distance your best shots deserve. Even better, it’s lighter, saving even more weight to fine-tune the distinct performance of all three models.


LTDx: Its large frame balances the stability of rear weighting with forward mass that lowers the CG for less spin. A 15-gram back weight balances the forward weighting to match high stability on off-center hits with low spin. Cobra cites it as its first driver to have a CG perfectly in line with the neutral axis for maximum energy transfer and low spin while at the same time having a moment of inertia measured at 5,000 grams/centimeters squared for extreme off-center-hit forgiveness.

LTDx MAX: Built with an internal forward steel cartridge to keep the CG (and spin) low, the movable weights let you toggle between slice-fighting and off-center-hit distance. The standard weights are 10 grams and 3 grams. Moving the heavier weight to the deep port adds stability on off-center hits and makes it the most forgiving of the three LTDx drivers. Switching it to the heel-side port creates more draw bias than past Cobra models to help with face closure and slice-reduction.

LTDx LS: Designed for tour players and better amateurs, it's the lowest spinning model in the LTDx family. Its discretionary weight is positioned forward for a low CG. It features the lowest spin and a mid-launch. The front weights in the sole are 10 grams and 3 grams and can be used to influence a draw or fade, depending on where the heavier weight is placed (heel-side is more draw, toe-side is more fade).

Price: $500
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Player Comments

"They could put a clown on the face and I wouldn't care. It goes way farther without trying, and if I try to smash it, it doesn't curve more. I wonder if I can sneak it out in my pants when I leave."


"Has enough options that just shows you what a little tweak with the right fitter will do. Ball just pops off the face. Good spin rate and launch angle. You get a lot of positive feedback from it. Tells you where you're missing it without losing too much on performance."


"The way the materials meld gives off a cool transformer vibe. This is a flamethrower: feels hot but understated—like a punch. Rocketing trajectory. Quietly gives you extra speed and distance."

Club Specs


9, 10.5, 12 (LTDx, LTDx Max); 9, 10.5 (LTDx LS); adjustable

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From the Manufacturer

The LTDx drivers are engineered for longest total distance. Utilizing PWR-COR Tech that positions more weight low and forward, a faster H.O.T. Face design, and a lighter and more stable chassis with up to 30 percent more carbon, we’ve created the first driver (LTDx) to achieve the combination of zero CG and more than 5200 MOI. The result is a one-of-a-kind driver that delivers lower spin, faster ball speed and extreme forgiveness. Three models are offered to fit a wide range of player types and utilize strategic weighting configurations to produce varying levels of spin, trajectory height and draw vs. fade bias.

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Cobra LTD

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