Cleveland RTX 4
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Cleveland RTX 4 Review

Cleveland RTX 4
Cleveland RTX 4
Cleveland RTX 4
Cleveland RTX 4
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The Verdict: Played as a prototype for a year by its tour staff, this is Cleveland’s most complete “players” wedge ever. First, the three- tiered milling process for the grooves and surface roughness has resulted in sharper edges. There’s also a new fourth sole grind (XLow) designed for shallow attack angles, extreme tight lies and flop shots. The tour input also led to a more compact shape, and the shape of the lower lofts blends perfectly into your shorter irons.
Loft: 18 options (46-62 degrees), 4 sole grinds
Street Price: $140
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Player Comments
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    Turf interaction isn’t something you have to worry about.
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    Handy around the greens. Whether you’re picking it clean or hitting down on it, you get ideal results.