Callaway PM Grind (2019)
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Callaway PM Grind (2019) Review

Callaway PM Grind (2019)
Callaway PM Grind (2019)
Callaway PM Grind (2019)
Callaway PM Grind (2019)
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The Verdict: Based on input by Phil Mickelson and famed wedgemaker Roger Cleveland, this club focuses on the shortest shots. The high-toe design raises the center of gravity to promote a lower trajectory. The surface-roughness pattern of raised ridges is canted at a 20-degree angle to the grooves. This results in better contact on open-face shots. More offset offers more control on knockdown shots. The C grind has extra bounce for maximum versatility around the green.
Loft: Five options (54-60, 64)
Street Price: $160
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Player Comments
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    I had great control out of the bunker—short, long, anything. Crisp, even when it wanted to dig.
  • high
    A lot going on visually, but I can appreciate the science behind the face.