Cleveland CBX
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Cleveland CBX Review

Cleveland CBX
Cleveland CBX
Cleveland CBX
Cleveland CBX
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The Verdict: Cleveland designed the CBX to fit a variety of forgiveness needs to better serve the skill levels of most golfers. The line features meaty, cavity-back, iron-like shapes for the lower lofts and chunk- fighting, wide soles in the higher lofts. Plus, a lightweight shaft serves the speed-challenged. Of course, these average-golfer tools aren’t generic where it matters. You’ve still got Cleveland’s top-flight groove and face technology for greater spin consistency.
Loft: 8 options (46-60 degrees)
Street Price: $130
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    The balance and the weighting are so good that the ball launches high and straight each time.
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    It was free and easy through the turf, what a wedge should feel like.