Cobra King Black
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Cobra King Black Review

Cobra King Black
Cobra King Black
Cobra King Black
Cobra King Black
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The Verdict: Groove action on short shots is where the King grabs its crown. Wider, shallower trenches on the higher lofts create more effective groove volume for cleaner contact, and a variable milling pattern improves surface-roughness consistency for additional spin. This King has feelings, too. The face has been thickened to minimize vibration. Finally, a chamfer on the topline provides a more traditional look.
Loft: 12 options (50-60), 3 sole grinds
Street Price: $150
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  • 4.5 1
    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    No grab through the turf or sand. Lay it open or close it down, I couldn’t miss.
  • high
    Beautiful, crisp feel and sound. Easy workability. Good energy in the sweet spot.