Fourteen FH-V1
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Fourteen FH-V1 Review

Fourteen FH-V1
Fourteen FH-V1
Fourteen FH-V1
Fourteen FH-V1
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The Verdict: For stability in a traditional look, these use a double- reverse-taper blade shape. The head gets thicker from low heel to high toe to increase forgiveness and raise the center of gravity for trajectory and spin control. The clubface is milled twice as much as previous models for a more consistent surface roughness. Finally, wedge-specific shafts were developed for the full swings made with the lower lofts and the touch shots made with higher lofts.
Loft: 9 options (41-60), 3 grinds
Street Price: $200
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Player Comments
  • low
    So easy to launch it low with tons of spin. There’s more mass behind the sweet spot.
  • high
    Very nice feel on flop shots. Ball gets off the face effortlessly.