Ben Hogan Equalizer
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Ben Hogan Equalizer Review

Ben Hogan Equalizer
Ben Hogan Equalizer
Ben Hogan Equalizer
Ben Hogan Equalizer
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The Verdict: Based on Ben Hogan’s theory about wedge design, these forged heads use mass higher in the lower lofts to eliminate ballooning shots and lower in the higher lofts for a higher, softer- landing flight. The milled face features grooves with a sharp U-shape pattern for improved spin, especially on less-than-full shots. The V-shape sole’s softened leading edge prevents digging for a wider variety of players and course conditions.
Loft: 8 options (48-62 degrees)
Street Price: $100
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Player Comments
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    Beautiful-feeling small club. Easy to hit the right distance on sand shots.
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    The balance of the head allowed me to repeat my swing.
  • high
    Never digging, never bouncing—just right.