Cobra King MIM
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Cobra King MIM Review

Cobra King MIM
Cobra King MIM
Cobra King MIM
Cobra King MIM
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The Verdict: Instead of a traditional cast or forging, a metal-injection molding process forms these heads. Metal powder is injection- molded into a precise shape that eliminates the need for hand- polishing, delivering a metal that is softer than typical cast and forged steels. The face-milling pattern is a perfect spiral with constant pitch and spacing that rotates out from the center of the face for consistent friction, even on open-face short shots.
Loft: Six options (50-60)
Street Price: $150
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    Got through the turf on full shots with consistent distances.
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    Glided through the turf with a meaty sound. Strong spin, even out of the thick stuff.