Mizuno S18
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Mizuno S18 Review

Mizuno S18
Mizuno S18
Mizuno S18
Mizuno S18
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The Verdict: Forged from a 30-percent stronger, boron-infused carbon steel, the S18 is optimized for the typical shots played by each loft. Those elemental changes include loft-specific bounce angles, sole grinds, grooves and center of gravity (CG) location. Example: In the higher lofts, there is more mass at the top of the blade, lifting the CG for better trajectory control. Also, the grooves get wider on the higher lofts for better spin on less-than-full swings.
Loft: 9 stock (20 custom) options (46-62 degrees)
Street Price: $150
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Player Comments
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    This wedge can do anything, and it excels at everything.
  • high
    Excellent turf interaction on full swings. No matter if you hit it thin, fat or fully flushed, it felt like you pured it.