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Wilson FG Tour F5

Our Review:

For better players, too much spin with the driver is no good. As little as 500 revolutions per minute extra spin can cost a fast-swing-speed player 10 yards or more. So Wilson addressed high spin by doing something simple: It shifted the weight in the sole forward. This lowers the center of gravity to line up the meat of the club with the center of the face. That means less spin, better energy and an optimal launch angle for more distance. Adjustable screws give you the option of putting as much as 11 grams in that weight port. Bonus: The sleek adjustable hosel works without removing the head from the shaft.
Specs: 9, 10.5 (adjustable +2/-1)
Price: $380
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Player Comments
  • low
    Nice and compact; looks like a tank. Feels good, consistent coming off the face.
  • low
    The sound wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t get much dispersion even when I missed the center of the face.
  • mid
    A bit of a hollow sound, but the ball really jumps with very little spin.
  • high
    Nice balance in the looks with aggressiveness and fun but classy, too. Huge clubface makes whole head look bigger.