Valero Texas Open

TPC San Antonio (Oaks Course)


Callaway Great Big Bertha

Our Review:

Most golfers aren't very good at getting the most from their tee shots. This driver is designed to improve three things golfers struggle with: ball speed, launch angle and direction. First, a thin, lightweight face keeps mis-hits from losing too much speed. Second, the lightweight construction, including a composite crown, keeps the center of gravity low to help shots launch with less spin. The head also accommodates 19 custom shafts as light as 40 grams to maximize clubhead speed. Third, a sliding 10.5-gram weight in an aerodynamic channel in back makes left or right misses more playable.
Specs: 9, 10.5, 13.5 (adjustable +2/-1)
Price: $450
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Player Comments
  • low
    Dig the matte black. You don’t have to be an MIT grad to figure out the adjustability. 
  • low
    Sound was louder on bad hits but it's light, fast and the adjuatbility is a breeze.Was able to hone it in very quickly and narrow my dispersion pattern.
  • mid
    Nice, powerful ting. Lets you know you got ahold of it. Power, even on less-than-stellar swings.
  • mid
    Maybe a little bit of a natural draw bias, but you could tweak that out of it with the sliding weight. Once you dialed it in it was a long club. It hits the ball relatively high for stated loft, but a very granite solid feel, right behind the ball. It’s one you wanted to keep swinging over and over because it was so pleasant.
  • high
    The whole club felt hot, with narrow dispersion. 
  • high
    Softer sound when I connected, which was great. It had a penetrating ball flight with a little bit of a draw spin.