Cobra King F6

Our Review:

We know that drivers with an address profile this large are doing everything they can to emphasize forgiveness. Thanks to selective use of a lightweight titanium alloy in the face and crown, the F6 gets that idea right. It’s got the highest stability on off-center hits in the Cobra family (and one of the highest in the game). Its large size also makes room for a greater difference in its two adjustable-weight settings. Flipping the heavier, 10-gram weight to the back will help you hit it higher, and leaving it in the front will produce a flatter flight with less spin. The result is two ball flights for each of the eight loft settings on the adjustable hosel.
Specs: Adjustable (9-12)
Price: $350
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Player Comments
  • low
    The white line on the crown sets me up square.
  • low
    A little longer look back to front. It went a little high but it didn’t seem spinny.
  • mid
    Just enough crack mixed with a thud. Some guts in the middle. 
  • mid
    Effortless distance. The loft change is easy and then you can dial in height all in about 15 seconds. It's not an all-day time suck trying to dial in ball flight.
  • high
    With the weight back, everything launched nice and easy. 
  • high
    The faded pattern on top is cool. The adjustable weights made clear differences in trajectory.