Ping G/LS TEC/SF Tec

Our Review:

Ping successfully developed the idea that large, forgiving drivers like its new G line don’t have to come with an aerodynamic liability. But what does that mean? Ping engineers say its latest 460-cubic-centimeter behemoths glide through the air almost as if they were 3-woods. Ping accomplishes this by using aggressive ridges (turbulators) on the crown, sole shaping and a trailing-edge cavity that reduces oscillation as the club approaches the ball. What’s not shrinking is forgiveness. The depressions on the back of the crown make the structure thinner. This allows Ping to use more mass low and deep for the most stable clubheads in company history. Besides the G, the line features the low-spin LS Tec and the slice-fighting SF Tec.
Specs: 9, 10.5/9, 10.5/10, 12 (all adjustable +1/-1)
Price: $400
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Player Comments
  • low
    Love the matte black. Consistent sound and feel.
  • mid
    No bad vibrations at all. Forgiving.
  • mid
    Extremely forgiving, even on bad swings, you’re still going to have a short iron in. Definitely a game improver
  • high
    Not crazy loud, but not quiet. Ball flight is higher but still penetrating.
  • high
    It’s like they’ve added another layer of technology. It looks muscular and fast with a really clean sound at impact. It felt light through the swing.