Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)


Srixon Z 355

Our Review:

Sometimes the most intriguing ideas are counterintuitive. This club seeks to improve your driving distance by making the clubhead heavier. This does two things: It boosts forgiveness and makes your swing more efficient. First, the extra weight in the head increases stability on extreme misses on the heel and toe. Second, the heavier head helps keep the club on plane during the downswing so your impacts are more consistent. Third, the heavier head builds momentum coming into the ball for maximum energy transfer. The final key is a lightweight shaft with a balance point closer to your hands for control.
Specs: 9.5, 10.5, 12 (adjustable +1/-1)
Price: $350
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Player Comments
  • low
    The look was clean, simple and not too small, yet not too big. Not too loud or distracting. You gotta throttle it back to get it out there.
  • mid
    Got the right shape. Could use an alignment aid. When you hit it good, you feel it in a good way.
  • mid
    Very easy to hit, easy to turn over. Good ball flight, launches high, not too spiny.
  • high
    All-business looks. Sound a tad muted, but good and crisp.