TaylorMade M1

Our Review:

The carbon-fiber crown exudes a secret-agent kind of cool, but what’s particularly badass is how that lightweight structure fortifies the club’s undercarriage. The saved weight makes room for two sliding weights in a pair of T-shape tracks on the sole. Those sliders let you independently tweak ball flight high or low and left or right. But you’re not done. The adjustable hosel lets you alter the loft angle by plus or minus 2 degrees across 12 positions. Altogether, you have a head that provides nearly 2,500 potential settings. And, oh, by the way, that sloping, aerodynamically sleek crown is the key to a lower center of gravity for less spin and better energy transfer at impact.
Specs: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12 (adjustable +2/-2)
Price: $500
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Player Comments
  • low
    It’s like you’re swinging a light cement block. But in a good way. It’s a high, no-spin monster, especially after you tune it.
  • low
    Sits square, cool to look at. It’s like the front part felt powerful like steel, and the back part was great for feel through the ball. The biggest part of this club was adjusting it correctly. Once I tweaked it around and got the right combo, I hit medium trajectory draws.
  • mid
    Its performance matches its look: very high tech, very James Bond.
  • mid
    It feels incredibly solid. No vibrations up the arm and shaft at all. High, penetrating ball flight.
  • high
    The two-tone and the notch help alignment.