Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


Mizuno JPX EZ

Our Review:

When it comes to forgiveness, companies typically focus on keeping off-center hits from losing distance, or they try to minimize left or right misses. Doing both in one clubhead can be a challenge, but Mizuno answers the call with a large-profile design that has an adjustable weight. The eight-way adjustable head stretches to more than 90 percent of the USGA’s width and depth limits to inspire confidence at address and forgiveness on mis-hits. A 10-gram weight chip fits into the heel or toe to reduce slices or hooks, or in the middle to boost stability on off-center hits.
Specs: Adjustable (8.5-12.5)
Price: $400
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Player Comments
  • low
    I can see how it works for a person who has trouble getting the ball up. Not too much spin for the height.
  • low
    You can feel the springlike effect off the face. Even when one ballooned, you did’t lose as much distance
  • mid
    A powerful blow. Feels like you really control the ball.
  • mid
    Hot sounding. I used used way less loft than normal, and I still launched it.
  • high
    Simple adjustability, and the hosel isn’t bulky.