Cobra King LTD/Pro
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Cobra King F6+/Pro

Cobra King LTD/Pro Review

Cobra King LTD/Pro
Cobra King LTD/Pro
Cobra King LTD/Pro
Cobra King LTD/Pro
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Nike Vapor Flex 440

The Verdict: The technology in this classic-looking shape is underneath the hood. And that’s not just because there’s a port in the sole that lets you look inside. The cool part here is a center of gravity that’s nearly in line with the center of the face, something many in the industry have been chasing for a long time. Why? Because lining those two up results in shots that have the highest energy transfer with the least spin—fundamental to longer drives. Also, because the crown is made of a lightweight aerospace carbon composite (think International Space Station), the saved weight creates extra stability.
Loft: Adjustable (9-12)/Adjustable (7-10)
Street Price: $500
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    A consistent performer whether I swung hard or just wanted to hit a straight bullet.
  • mid
    A soft yet energetic sound. You don’t have to have a high swing speed to hit it well.
  • mid
    Felt like I was punching my pillow. Very muted sound where your hand sinks into the pillow. Low spin which is wonderful. The standard black look has almost a meanness to it.
  • high
    Nice, solid thwack. Felt light, effortless.