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Chris Stanford

Play Your Best
Make a Tour-quality Divot

Think location, not volume

Short Game
Hit The Green With Every Wedge Shot

Master those tricky shots from 50 yards and in

Golf & Business
The Up-and-Comers

How a little-known insurer came to back women's pro golf

Golf Instruction
The Short Game Explained

The science of 3 shots: probably more than you need to know, but here's why the ball does what it does

Golf Instruction
Jar More Putts!

Here's how Lexi Thompson became a putting machine

Play Your Best
Blitz The Bunkers!

Easy keys to get out & get close

Golf Instruction
Back to Basics

How to groove your move off the tee and into the green

Golf Instruction
2 Moves To Groove

Lexi Thompson, the LPGA's newest major champion, shows how to smash it

Golf Tours & News
Back Spin!

Table tennis becomes the go-to game on tour

Mr. Style
Style For Dummies

Teaching the fashion-challenged how to dress on the course

Golf Saved My Life
Golf Rescued My Marriage

My wife and I found comfort on the course after the death of our son

Golf Saved My Life
A Walk To Remember
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