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Peter Finch

Golf In The City
Manhattan's Chelsea Piers: The Only Game in Town

Why is Manhattan's Chelsea Piers practice range always so busy? It's largely a supply-and-demand thing.

Golf & Money
Tax Advice for Any Golfer

Like a tour pro, should you pick where to live based on taxes?

The Golf Life: Trippin' Out
Traveling With Sticks Is More Costly Than Ever

Is there a better way to get your clubs from Point A to Point B?

Planet Golf
Golf in Mexico: The Best of the Best in Riviera Maya

Golf options are plentiful—if you'll just leave your resort

Golf & Business: It's a Family Affair

How one golf-course builder thrives as others struggle

The Golf Life
Road Report: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

When it comes to golf, we get around. Each month our editors share dispatches on the cool places they visit.

Cover story: The Happiness Issue
Happy Ending: Hooking Up

Sex on the golf course isn't for everybody. But for many who've done it--and apparently a lot of you have--it's a ball

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