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Style For Dummies

June 10, 2012

Whenever we have a style question at Golf Digest, we walk down the hall and consult our fashion director, Marty Hackel (aka Mr. Style). But not everyone has this luxury, which is why we decided to bring Mr. Style to you.

Proper style is elusive for many players. Most of us know some basics--wear a collared shirt, don't wear jeans and steer clear of those Tabasco shirts--but in our new online style guide, Marty explains the do's and don'ts for even the most clueless member of your foursome. For example, you've likely heard something about matching your belt with your shoes. Marty says it's better to match your belt to your pants to minimize contrast. Think that oversize shirt is concealing your expanding waistline? Marty says it's doing the opposite.

Spend enough time with Mr. Style, and you'll want to prove you've been listening. That's why we're inviting users to tweet photos of themselves and friends in golf attire. Use the hashtag #heymrstyle, and Marty might respond with his approval or, as he has to many a Golf Digest editor, tell you what he really thinks. Click here to see the complete style guide.