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Max Adler

Max Adler is the editorial director of Golf Digest and the confidante of the Undercover Tour Pro. A scratch player, he’s a professional amateur on good days and an amateur professional on bad.
Phil Being Phil
Phil knows better

A golfer who professes to understand the big picture conveniently overlooks it when it comes to playing in Saudi Arabia

Undercover Tour Pro
The pros and cons of paying for a physical trainer on the PGA Tour

'At about $3,000 per week, I'm walking onto the range feeling like Superman.'

New rankings
The Best Courses In Every State

Golf Digest's new course rankings (and the 50 best active players and fun golf facts for every state)

First Impressions of The Masters
From a jail cell to Amen Corner, Valentino Dixon’s improbable journey continues

The most unlikely visitor to Augusta National was the man who first drew the course from behind bars

Night Moves
When the sun goes down in Augusta

To some, the best part of Masters week takes place after dark

Valentino Dixon's Next Act
A wronged man's next stop: the Masters

After only dra

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