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Hank Haney

Hank Haney is a Golf Digest teaching professional.
Simple Stuff to Save 5 Shots
Improve Your Game From Tee To Green With These Easy Tweaks

Easy tweaks to cut strokes from tee to green.

Lesson Tee
Hank Haney: Stop Losing Shots to the Left

Eliminate your hook with a simple grip change

Cover story
How to Fix a Slice in 5 minutes

My new drill will re-route your swing and get you hitting draws. We proved it with 60 slicers

How Good Can You Get?

Use the 4 stats that really matter to diagnose and treat your game

What The Pros Know
Get Your Golf Swing On Plane

Get connected: It's the path to good timing

Play Your Best: What the Pros Know
Change Your Shot Shape By Changing Your Finish

How your swing ends says a lot about the motion you made to get there

Five Big Misses, And How To Fix Them

Fix your big misses and stay out of trouble, and your scores will drop fast

Play Your Best | What the Pros Know
What the Pros Know: Don't Cheat Your Finish

You won't get far if you stop short

Play Your Best
Learn To Pitch With Your Sand Wedge

Develop that tour-pro touch around the greens

Play Your Best
Make a Tour-quality Divot

Think location, not volume

Play Your Best | Fixed on Twitter
Hank Haney: Sharpen Your Aim

Learn this simple routine the pros use

Play Your Best | Fixed on Twitter
Hank Haney On How To Video Your Swing

Make sure you get these details right

Play Your Best: Fixed on Twitter
Hank Haney: Beating Blocks and Hooks

The answer is to keep your body and arms in sync

Play Your Best: Fixed on Twitter
Bunker Fundamentals

Make sure you don't skimp on the swing

Play Your Best: Fixed on Twitter
Hank-Haney: Shank-proof Your Swing

One easy way to get rid of the shanks for good

Play Your Best: Fixed on Twitter
How To Stop Missing Right

Bump your hips forward to hit from the inside

Play Your Best: Fixed On Twitter
Curve Control

How to turn it left or right on command

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