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U.S. Open 2022: Rory McIlroy loses his cool in bunker, still makes unbelievably gutsy U.S. Open par

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Even the best players in the world are subject to the penalizing lies to be found at The Country Club. Rory McIlroy took 3-wood off the short par-4 fifth hole to take the trouble out of play, but his poor tee shot found one of the worst lies we’ve seen early this week—his ball burying in the thick fescue above one of the bunkers. He let out an expletive when he arrived to find his lie.

Turns out, that expletive paled in comparison to his reaction that would ensue. Rory couldn’t get under the ball—him barely being able to get his footing in the bunker, and his left heel actually being in the air.

Rory was none-too-happy at the prospect at this unfortunate break possibly costing him what was a stellar round, where he was 2-under through 13.

You need to watch it for yourself:

Here's the version where angry Rory takes his frustrations out on the bunker:

Well, that went to bad to very good very quickly for Rory. What a clutch par make, which came from 14 feet. If the Northern Irishman goes onto contend at this U.S. Open, we will undoubtedly look back at this moment as one that saved his tournament. It’s these types of momentum-savers that will win you majors, as the four-time major champion knows very well.