Extreme Home Makeover

PGA Tour caddie reveals the incredible new renovation he made to his trailer home

February 24, 2023

Geno Bonnalie, longtime looper and sketch comedy partner of Joel Dahmen, has made a name for himself on Golf Twitter, reviewing the various (and usually horrifying) accommodations caddies find themselves in while on the road. We’ve even seen the guy’s DIY quesadilla setup. Needless to say, he’s a legend.

Instead of giving us a tour of some seedy motel or moth-ball-smelling motor inn this week, however, Bonnalie flipped the script with a walkthrough of his very own Idaho-based trailer home. Specifically his newly renovated back room. Check it out.

I mean come on, what did you expect? An al fresco sun deck? A book-lined study with a crackling fire? This was never not going to be a simulator room. -1000. A bigger favorite than Jon Rahm right now. That said, it’s still very sick and, best of all, it came with a stamp of approval from his wife. Thanks Mrs. Bonnalie!

There’s no telling where Bonnalie will rest head next—such is the life of a tour caddie—but at least when he gets home, jet-lagged and bogged down by another vending machine breakfast, he’ll have this beauty waiting for him.