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U.S. Open 2020: PGA Tour caddie gives hilarious tour of his crappy hotel room

September 14, 2020

Good lodging during a major championship week is usually quite pricey and difficult to come by. Apparently, that hasn’t changed at this week’s U.S. Open—even with no fans allowed at Winged Foot.

Geno Bonnalie, who caddies for Joel Dahmen, found that out the hard way when his Airbnb cancelled on him the day he arrived in Mamaroneck, N.Y. Sadly for him, he had to settle for staying in what looks to be a very, very rundown hotel. Lucky for us, though, he shared a video review of his room!

In what he dubbed an episode of “Caddie Cribs: Major Championship Edition,” Geno gives a fantastic tour of his digs for the week (he gets bonus points for dropping the term “wainscotting” in there, but loses points for butchering the pronunciation of "Mamaroneck") and, well, wow. Have a gander:

Talk about roughing it. To be fair, the person renting out the Airbnb probably sold the place for 50% above asking price and got all cash on the spot. Have you heard how hot Westchester real estate is these days with people fleeing New York City?

Not that that makes Geno feel any better. But maybe Bonnalie’s boss would ease his pain?

Nope. Dagger.

Anyway, tough break, Geno, but you’ll live. Well, if you’re careful around that bathroom sink, that is.