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PGA Tour caddie uses off-season to create Oscar-level movie trailer involving his boss

September 26, 2018

The PGA Tour's short off-season has been lampooned through the years, but one caddie took advantage of the (limited) time off and created a work of art. Geno Bonnalie made a movie trailer for a fictional film he dubbed "The Quest For Employment," which features himself as well as his boss, PGA Tour pro Joel Dahmen. And apparently, Bonnalie is part caddie, part Steven Spielberg, because this thing is spectacular. Have a look:

Bravo, Geno. Bravo.

Here was Dahmen's reaction:

Dahmen and Bonnalie are coming off a successful campaign in which Dahmen earned nearly $1.5 million on the PGA Tour to regain full playing privileges for the 2018-2019 season. A season that starts next week, exactly 11 days after the conclusion of the previous season.

Technically, Bonnalie and Dahmen, who didn't qualify for the last two tournaments of last season, will have had nearly a month off when they return to action, but it's still a shame the off-season isn't longer like in other pro sports. We'd like to see Bonnalie have a chance to turn this into a feature-length film.