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Patrick Mahomes SENIOR smoked Joe Burrow (literally) following the AFC Championship Game

January 30, 2023

After a week of trash talk by the Cincinnati Bingles, in which they dubbed Arrowhead “Burrowhead,” had their mayor ask for Patrick Mahomes to take a paternity test, and continued to let Eli Apple run his own Twitter account, the Ohio cats came up short in Kansas City, mustering just 20 point in a gutting AFC Championship loss. After the game, the Chiefs clapped back with equal and opposite force as the likes of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes had their say on the Bengals’ premature victory lap.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t Patrick Mahomes who delivered the best burn of the evening, but instead Patrick Mahomes senior, who was seen “smoking on a Joe Burrow” after the Chiefs clinched the Lamar Hunt trophy on Sunday.

Amazing stuff. Way to have your son’s back, pops. Unfortunately Mr. Mahomes had a little trouble lighting his "Joe Burrow," but as a pitcher for the Mets, Twins, Cubs, and Pirates in the early aughts, he didn’t get a lot of practice with victory stogies.

The Chiefs left Sunday’s AFC Championship game victorious but banged up, with injuries to several key players—from JuJu Smith-Schuster and Kadarius Toney to defensive back L’Jarius Snead—leaving them shorthanded heading into the biggest bye week of the year. If they manage to pull it out against the juggernaut Eagles in two weeks’ time, however, expect to see Papa Mahomes puffin’ on a celebratory Jalen Hurts after the game.