Horse Guy

Some guy showed up to the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade standing on a horse

February 16, 2023

There was no shortage of content at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade on Wednesday. Half of Missouri and a good chunk of Kansas showed up. Patrick Mahomes got drunker than Brady on a boat. The O-line rolled up in some custom threads and Travis Kelce hung out with his mom (and also ripped shots of Fireball). It was a wild scene. Everywhere you looked, something crazy was happening, including but by no means limited to a man showing up on a horse and then standing atop said horse for a better view of the parade route.

Take a long look, Broncos country. This is the only "ride" you'll see for quite awhile. Random shrapnel aside, Horse Guy became an immediate hero, but it actually wasn’t his first rodeo. He also showed up to the Chiefs Parade with his trusty steed back in 2020, putting on a similar show in the saddle.

Incredible (and incredibly hammered) stuff across the board. With ChiefsAholic still in prison following his attempted bank robbery, someone needed to step up and take the, ahem, reigns as Chiefs Kingdom’s new, maladjusted mascot. Horse Guy did just that. So we salute you, Horse Guy. Wherever the trail may take you, let it always lead back to Arrowhead. Heeyah!