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The last two Chiefs touchdowns coming on a play named after a food is the most Andy Reid thing of all time

February 13, 2023

Death, taxes and Andy Reid finding a way to give a big shoutout to food after some of the biggest wins of his coaching career.

In this latest Super Bowl win, however, Reid managed to get in a food reference before the outcome had been determined. It's been revealed that the Kansas City Chiefs' final two touchdowns, the first scored by Kadarius Toney and the second by Skyy Moore, came on a play named after a food. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you ... The Corn Dog:

You've got to love Peter King seriously asking "it's not called corn dog ... is it called corn dog?" Peter, did you notice who you were talking to here? Of course the game-tying and the original go-ahead touchdowns for an Andy Reid-coached offense came on a play called CORN DOG. This is a man who once compared having nine grandchildren to eating Chinese food. To find out how on earth that is even possible, click here

Here's former Super Bowl champ Shaun O'Hara breaking down both versions of the play below:

There's been so much talk about the backbreaking defensive holding call late on Philadelphia corner James Bradberry (who admitted it was a hold himself, which it was), how about the Philly defense maybe stepping up and making a stop near the goal line on a play named after a festival food? Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful design with the pre-snap motion and the deception from Toney and Moore. But to let it be that wide open on back-to-back drives in the Super Bowl? Tough look. And now the city that drove the "Philly Special" into the ground for the last five years gets to see and hear the phrase "Corn Dog" in their nightmares for the forseeable future. Just as Andy Reid drew it up.