Crime Doesn't Pay

Alleged Chiefs bank robber to ask judge for bail reduction so he can get out of jail in time for the Super Bowl

February 02, 2023

A few weeks ago we shared with you the Hollywood-ready story of Xavier Michael Babudar, better known as ChiefsAholic. The Chiefs superfan, infamous throughout the fanbase for wearing an elaborate wolf suit to each and every game, was arrested in Bixby, Oklahoma in December after allegedly robbing Tulsa Teacher Credit Union as part of a self-described “side hustle” to pay for tickets. Rumors swirled that he even wore his wolf getup as a disguise when robbing the bank, and while those were eventually debunked, the story remained truly, utterly surreal.

Following his arrest, Babudar was locked up in Tulsa County Jail on $200,000 bail, where he remains six weeks (and another deep Chiefs playoff run) later. With Super Bowl LVII on the way, however, Babudar is getting antsy. On Friday, he will return to court, where he is expected to petition the judge for a $150,000 bail reduction, allowing him to take off the leg irons long enough to catch Chiefs-Eagles on February 12th.

This is where things get messy, though. Babudar initially claimed he was homeless and had been unemployed for over two years when arrested in December, and was thus granted a public attorney by the state of Oklahoma. However, Oklahoma does not usually provide public defenders to individuals who are financially able to post bail. If Babudar's bail is reduced to $50,000 and he is able to post it, will he have to then hire his own attorney? Will the hiring of said attorney blow his margin, rendering him unable to afford Super Bowl tickets?

Big questions that Babudar will hope to answer in time for The Big Game, but if he does manage to make it to Glendale, ankle monitor on and wolf suit in tow, bet the house on the Chiefs. If the U.S. justice system can't keep them down, then surely the Eagles don't stand a chance.