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Our Review:

How much better can titanium be? Titleist went to Mars to find out. These drivers use a titanium alloy (ATI 425) in the face originally developed for NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander. In other words, it’s light, flexible, strong and resilient—just the right material to smash a golf ball. This alloy’s strength-to-weight ratio allowed the designers to pursue a more aggressive variable-thickness face to get more distance. Ball speed is great, of course, but using a lighter material improves the forgiveness in these heads, too: The deeper and lower center of gravity offers increased stability on strikes toward the heel and toe and low and high. The result is consistent spin and launch conditions for a more efficient ball flight—even on less-efficient impacts. Titleist made aerodynamic shaping a priority for both heads, but each features a different look and focus. The TSi2’s larger shape speaks to its overall forgiveness and higher launch. The more compact, flatter-launching TSi3 uses its extra mass in an eight-gram rear perimeter weight chip that fits into five settings. Read more >>

Price: $550
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Look / Sound / Feel




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Player Comments

Feel and sound are both very smooth at contact. Very consistent both control and distance-wise. I think I had one pull, all the other ones were straight or a nice little 5-yard cut.


Clean look, nothing fancy. Sturdy club and the ball nicely pops. All-business, smack sound.


A classic pear shape on the TSi3 that’s still stable at impact. It has the same sound all over the face. Instills confidence at address to swing hard and watch it go straight.

Club Specs


8, 9, 10, 11 (TSi2, TSi3); adjustable

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